1. Why is Commtrak contacting our hotel to make commission payments?

    Our travel agency customers, who represent the majority of the largest travel firms in North America, have booked your hotel, and contracted us to provide professional hotel commission billing and reconciliation for records that they have been unable to resolve. Collectively, they are responsible for many of the travel agency bookings worldwide. Since we are obligated by contract to report all results to our agency customers, it is critical that you reply to these invoices to avoid the potential for negative impact on future bookings. All our clients have given us an Agency Authorization Form, which is available for your review upon request. Please contact to learn more.

  2. Our hotel already pays all our commissions through a commission payment provider. Does this mean Commtrak is asking us to pay twice?

    Commtrak has found that there could be many reasons for a hotel record being billed that was actually previously paid. This usually is a result of payment that could not be be accurately matched in the agency back-office system. We don’t want you to pay twice. If you have previously paid the commission, simply inform Commtrak and we will post the item off as paid.

  3. Why does Commtrak claim commissions for net rates/corporate rates?

    Commtrak asks that you confirm the status of transactions that you identify as non-commissionable. The commissionable status of different rates and rate codes varies from hotel to hotel and often change on a regular basis, so it is not possible for us to confirm the commissionable status without input from the property itself. Once you confirm a booking is non-commissionable, we will update that status on our records for our travel agency customers.

  4. The billing information on some of the Commtrak records doesn't seem to match the information with my hotel's booking records. Why are there differences?

    Commtrak has found that occasionally files received may include items that were changed, cancelled, non-commissionable, or previously paid but not matched in the agency back-office system. We request that you provide the accurate resolution of each record on your invoice by contacting Commtrak. We are obligated by contract to invoice every record they believe are commissionable and to report all results to our agency customers.