Commtrak's Cookie Policy

  • Commtrak's website uses cookies and other, similar technologies - such as pixel tags and JavaScript - to collect data from your device. Like most websites, we need to collect this data for the website to operate, and we also use it to provide the best experience, analyze how you use our website, and deliver service messages & ads.

  • We use these technologies to perform many different tasks, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving your browsing experience. These technologies also help ensure that ads you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

  • If you visit our website, we will deploy these technologies to provide an online service more suited to the device you connect from, as well as to prevent and detect fraud. When you visit our website from any device (mobile, tablet, PC, or other), we collect information about your use of this site, such as information about the device and/or browser you use to access the site (including device type, operating system, screen resolution and more), the way you interact with this site, and the IP address your device connects from. You may not be able to perform certain activities within our secure online services unless these cookies and similar technologies are enabled. Please note, we also may not be able to process certain transactions if you are physically located in certain countries/territories.

We use cookies to:

  • Ensure your security and privacy when using our secure web pages

  • Store login details for our secure pages

  • Temporarily store input information in our calculators, tools, and checkout pages

  • Provide you with ads that are more relevant to you and your interests, improve our targeting, and enhance your experience with our sites and partner sites

  • Improve our understanding of how you navigate through our sites so we can identify improvements

  • Evaluate our site's advertising and promotional effectiveness

We use both our own (first-party) and partner companies' (third-party) cookies to perform these functions.

The cookies used on this website fall into one of four categories:

  1. Strictly necessary

    • The data collected in this category is essential in order to provide our services to you. This data is necessary for the website to operate, to verify your identity, and to maintain your security and privacy while using the website. It enables you to navigate the website and use its features, such as accessing secure pages. Although it is possible to disable cookies on websites via the browser settings, this would cause the website not to work properly. This data is not used for marketing purposes or for the purposes covered by the other three categories below.

  2. Performance

    • In most cases, the data collected in this category is anonymous, and is used to inform us how the website is used- for example, which areas you use most often, and if you receive any error messages. With this data we can then improve how our website works, and ensure that the products and services we offer are right for you and others.

    • In limited cases, this data also enables us to identify specific problems you may have had.

    • Performance data is not used to target you with online advertising. Without this data, we can't evaluate how our website is performing to make relevant improvements.

  3. Functionality/profile

    • Data collected in this category enables the website to remember choices you make. This means a more personalised experience for certain features of the website that can be customised. It may also be used to provide services you've requested as you've interacted with the website.

    • This data may also be used to ensure that our services and communications are relevant to you. This category can’t track your activity on other websites. Without this data, the website may not remember choices you've made in previous sessions or personalise your experience in certain ways.

  4. Targeting

    • Data collected in this category is used to help make advertisements more relevant to you. This data informs us about how you use the website, and is shared with third parties, such as advertisers and platforms we may use to deliver personalised messages. We do this in order to provide you with targeted advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests, to improve how personalised messages function, and to help us identify issues.