What agencies can expect

  • Guaranteed Incremental Hotel Revenue

    Commtrak delivers incremental commissions to every agency customer, guaranteed!

  • Powerful Advocacy

    Each invoice includes unpaid records from our data files, incorporating the collective power of our entire customer base.

  • Responsive Representation

    Professional representation by Commtrak’s staff continues well beyond the sale. We guarantee that all callbacks will be timely, and that we will respond to client needs directly and with flexibility.

  • Data Flexibility

    Data acceptance and interface with any CRS, third party, or agency designed back-room system.

  • Electronic Quality Control

    Generates automatic purge of duplicate records, edits many agent errors, and identifies many net rate bookings prior to billing.

  • Comprehensive Hotel File

    Worldwide hotel property file including every hotel invoiced in our 30+ year history, allowing an efficient match to any agency record file. Our hotel file is corrected and updated on a daily basis.

  • Professional Invoicing

    Repetitive billing cycles until each record is paid or responded to – for up to 24 months from the travel date, primarily via professional mailings worldwide. We maintain accurate records of each hotel’s response and payment history, and adjust our invoice process based on that history.

  • Accurate Reconciliation

    A powerful, proprietary software utility allows a fast and comprehensive match of commission payments to the agency file. Both revenue and non-revenue hotel responses are clearly posted and coded to each record.

  • Efficient Processing

    All hotel responses and payments are directed to a single contact point (Commtrak), simplifying the hotel’s process, and allowing the agency to clearly identify the commission income that results from our Invoicing program.

  • Comprehensive Documentation

    All hotel responses and payments are fully documented. Each agency receives a monthly data file reflecting the current reconciliation status of each record, together with a check representing the agency share of commissions.