1. Why should I contract an outsource firm to supplement my agency's own internal hotel billing efforts?

    Even the best internal agency program results in numerous hotel records that remain unresolved and unpaid. If you bill any item more than once, your costs will probably exceed your potential income. With over 30 years of experience, Commtrak has developed effective billing models that ensure that the maximum hotel record resolution is achieved. Our business model is founded on supplementing and complementing agency programs. Incremental hotel income is delivered to every Commtrak customer.

  2. My agency uses another 3rd party reconciliation firm that bills unresolved records. Why should I consider using Commtrak in addition?

    Our efforts do not compete with or undermine the reconciliation process provided by any reconciliation vendor you may currently be using. Once your current vendor has completed its billing effort, simply gather the remaining records from your back office and send them to Commtrak. We will apply our billing process to all records that remain unresolved. Commtrak's efforts continue for up to 2 years from the travel date. Commtrak always uncovers and delivers significant additional commission income.

  3. What steps are necessary to implement the supplemental recovery program?

    Enrollment in Commtrak’s program is simple and remarkably fast. Simply contact our office at +1 (888) 998-1758 to speak with our sales department. We’ll learn more about your company, discuss your current hotel commission business process, outline data exchange options, and provide you with a simple enrollment form. Once a completed enrollment form is returned and we receive the first hotel data file of unresolved items, the implementation process is complete.

  4. What are the costs associated with this service?

    Commtrak charges no direct fees as our program is contingency based; therefore, our incentive is to perform. Commtrak works on a simple commission share arrangement with all our agency customers.