Data Exchange Options

Commtrak provides electronic access and data exchange via our website. This allows us to safely load our agency reconciliation files online into a password protected area that you can securely access and move to your own system. Our program enables you to easily upload new data files to our site so that we can continue the billing process. Upon request, Commtrak can integrate with any proprietary designed agency system.

Commtrak currently works with a variety of data exchange systems shown below, as well as custom solutions to meet any agency’s needs.

  • GlobalWare

    A hotel data extract and reconciliation process has been developed by GlobalWare and Commtrak that allows agencies using this back office accounting system to extract unresolved hotel records in files properly formatted for Commtrak’s billing program. The program also allows a seamless reconciliation of Commtrak’s resolution data back into GlobalWare. All GlobalWare program versions beginning with 6.0 are required to be PCI-compliant.

    New and existing customers can download the GlobalWare Data Extract & Reconciliation Instructions


    TRAMS and Commtrak have developed a program to assist TRAMS users in extracting unresolved hotel data from the back-office system. The utility enables the agency to easily control the exact date range of the data export. The utility is a Crystal Report that creates a file properly formatted for Commtrak’s billing program. The program also allows full reconciliation of Commtrak’s resolution reports back into TRAMS.

    New and existing customers can access the TRAMS Crystal Report Instructions using the TRAMS Export Utility

  • TravCom

    Commtrak and TravCom have developed an efficient import/export utility for customers using the TravCom accounting system. This utility is part of the TravCom reconciliation module and is very easy to use. The program allows you to extract unresolved hotel data from your back room based on a selected range of dates, and exports the date to a file that is formatted for easy integration into the Commtrak billing program. The file is then simply forwarded to Commtrak for processing. The program also allows full reconciliation of Commtrak’s resolution reports back into TravCom.

    New and existing customers can download the TravCom Utility Instructions

  • Sabre Central Command - Agresso

    Central Command is a comprehensive business information system sponsored by Sabre. It has partnered with a back office accounting tool called Agresso, which allows for hotel reconciliation and billing information to be extracted and forwarded to a third party. Using a standard file format, unresolved hotel items can be identified and sent to Commtrak for supplemental billing and recovery.

    Please contact your Central Command-Agresso representative for more detailed information.

  • Third Parties

    Commtrak effectively supplements other third party firms often employed by travel agencies to manage the initial posting, reconciliation, and billing for hotel commissions. There are two firms that serve travel agents in North America:

    • CTS - Commission Tracking Service
    • Onyx Center Source

    When those firms conclude their efforts, Commtrak assumes the billing and reconciliation role until a record is fully resolved, or until it ages beyond two years from the travel date.