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Commtrak is proud to have implemented programs and processes that have a positive impact on our environment.

Solar Technology
In early 2009, Commtrak acquired and installed state-of-the-art solar technology at our Delaware headquarters. Constructed with a south-facing exposure, our facility now includes a roof-mounted solar array that provides much of our energy needs.

Since April, 2009 our average monthly energy costs have been reduced by 72%. We are now creating our own clean energy, and on many non-business days even create surplus electricity that is credited back into the local power grid.

Flat Screen Monitors
As early as 2007 we moved all staff positions from standard CRT displays to flat screen technology. The significant power savings associated with this technology has helped to reduce our power requirements.

As a company that generates invoices on behalf of our customers, we do have the need to use paper resources. However, for over ten years every billing document requiring multiple pages has been printed on both sides of each sheet. In addition to this obvious resource control, we have continually made every effort to reduce our impact on paper products.

Commtrak is absolutely committed to expanding our green footprint. As new technologies and initiatives are developed, we will investigate and apply every tool that both increases our efficiency and enhances the use of renewable resources.